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Certificate Builder

Design certificates that align with your eLearning brand and your students 
would love to show off!

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Course Bundle

Create course bundles and sell multiple courses together. Elevate course sales by bundling courses.

Content Drip

Schedule lessons, quizzes, and assignments for publishing at specified times.

Multi Instructor

Allow multiple instructors in the 
same course to improve 
collaboration. Scale the site up!

Google Meet

Easily conduct video meetings for Tutor LMS courses and individual lessons with Google Meet.


Generate in-depth statistics of courses, sales, students, and more
on your eLearning site.


Send out automated and customized emails on various Tutor LMS
triggered events.


Let students see assignments’ due date, upcoming ones, and more in a wonderful event calendar


Get and serve notifications on assignments, quizzes, Q&A, enrollments, and more.

Google Classroom

Share classroom posts and other stream posts directly within the
Tutor LMS course page.


Host live online classes. Students
can attend live classes right from the lesson page.

Quiz Export/Import

Save time by exporting and importing quiz data easily. Be more


Gain advanced and manual control over student enrollment on the LMS website.

Course Attachments

Add unlimited attachments or private files to any of your Tutor LMS courses.

Course Preview

Set any lesson as a preview for potential students to try out before buying.


Specify which course(s) a student must complete before enrolling in a particular course.


Create assignments to assess students' understanding and perception of your course.


Automatically collects and calculates student grades using a custom grading scale.

“With Tutor LMS you will be able to build your own Udemy-like online course experience for FREE! It’s really an ambitious plugin that has a bright future if they maintain their development.”


John Whitford

Founder, Income Mesh

“Tutor LMS is a WordPress based online course builder that will allow you to build courses, monetize them, and of course establish yourself as an authority in your niche.”

Dave Swift ·

Profitable Tools

“It just flows when you are building and drag and drop helps out a lot. You can build a simple or complex learning management system with free or paid capabilities.”

Jorge Edel A ·

CEO, Veeme Media

“I have been incredibly impressed with everything Tutor LMS offers. The simplicity of the platform has made the setup very easy, which is incredible as it makes my life much easier.”

Darien C ·

Associate Pastor


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