Course Bundles

Group multiple courses and sell them as a package to boost revenue

Bundle related courses together, offering a clear roadmap to achieve specific learning goals.

Improved learner value

Deliver a structured learning path with curated course bundles, catering to specific learning goals.

Increased revenue

Offer comprehensive learning packages and attract new students with attractive pricing options.

Enhanced course discovery

Showcase bundled courses with clear descriptions and highlight recommended courses within the bundles.

Cater more learners

Create tiered course bundles with different price points and course combinations to cater to students with varying budgets and learning goals.


How it works

Simplified course bundle creation and management

Effortless bundle creation

Group multiple related courses together and sell them as a bundle at a discounted price.

Flexible pricing options

Customize pricing for bundled courses, providing discounts compared to individual purchases.


Customize bundle appearance

Showcase bundled courses with attractive descriptions and discount ribbons, enhancing their appeal to potential buyers.

Seamless user experience

Dedicated bundle page to effortlessly discover and purchase bundled courses within Tutor LMS, ensuring a smooth user journey.

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