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Text answer or file upload, Tutor LMS makes assignment submission a breeze with all kinds of file uploads.

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Tutor LMS stores all assignments and submissions securely within the website.

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Organization simplified with intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities during assignment creation.


Engaging & dynamic assignments that 
challenge and inspire students

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Interactive assignments keep students actively involved in the learning process.

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Create as many assignments as the heart desires to comprehensively assess student learning.

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Leave feedback and individually mark each assignment highlighting areas of improvement for the future.

Support for second chances

Enable learners to learn and grow by allowing re-submission, fostering improvement and understanding.


I am using the Tutor LMS plugin and I can say that it worthed every penny of my money. I want to mention is that the support is one of the best I have experienced. (Trustpilot)

Andreas Ntritsos