Content Drip

Take control over content delivery with dynamic content drip

Release lessons, quizzes, and assignments at your own pace with the flexible content drip feature. Get a range of options to schedule content based on time intervals, student progress, or prerequisite completion. 



Automate learning path and engagement with content drip

Focused learning

Evoke anticipation, drive consistent engagement, and cultivate focused learning through drip content.

Tailored content delivery

Customize the learning experience by releasing content at specific intervals or based on student actions.

Boosted completion rates

Motivate students to stay on track by revealing content gradually, fostering a sense of accomplishment.

Flexibility for instructors

Easily schedule content releases for your entire course or specific lessons, quizzes, and assignments.

Improved knowledge retention

Drip-feeding information allows learners to absorb and process content in smaller chunks, leading to better long-term memory and knowledge retention.

Reduced learner overwhelm

Drip content prevents learners from feeling overloaded with information, making the learning experience more manageable and enjoyable.

How it works

Schedule, personalize, & track your content flow

Schedule content release

Drip content at specific dates and times, creating anticipation and a structured learning journey.

Unlock content over time

Release content automatically after a certain number of days from enrollment, encouraging students to return regularly.

Sequential drip

Unlock lessons or modules one after another, ensuring a structured course flow.

Prerequisite triggers

Link content release to completing prerequisites, ensuring learners have the necessary knowledge before accessing advanced topics.


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