Level up course structure with Tutor LMS course prerequisites

Easily set course prerequisites to a course as stepping stones to create a structured learning path. This ensures that learners build a solid foundation and have the necessary knowledge before diving into advanced topics.



The freedom to host and create the LMS platform you want

Improved student experience

With prerequisites, students are equipped with the foundational knowledge essential for excelling in advanced courses.

Reduced frustration

Ensure higher engagement and completion rates as students are better matched with courses suited to their skill level.

Increased course value

Elevate the perceived value of your courses by ensuring students are adequately prepared to derive maximum benefit from the content. 

Easy course organization

Easily set and manage prerequisites through a user-friendly interface, simplifying the course organization process.

How it works

Simplified prerequisite selection for an enhanced learning path

Effortless prerequisite selection

Save time by easily choosing prerequisites from a dropdown menu. No complex setup is needed.

Focus more on delivering exceptional courses, not managing complex prerequisites.


Flexible learning paths

Offer customized learning experiences by setting multiple prerequisites for a course, catering to different learning paths.

Unlimited course prerequisites

Design comprehensive learning journeys with unlimited prerequisites. Structure your courses exactly how you envision them – no restrictions.


Tutor LMS is a WordPress based online course builder that will allow you to build courses, monetize them, and of course establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Dave Swift

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