Terms and Conditions

Before using or downloading any Tutor LMS downloadable product, ensure you’ve read, understood, and agreed to the terms. Your use of Tutor LMS implies acceptance of these terms. 

We reserve the right to modify terms and conditions without prior notice.

Product Delivery

All our no-cost downloadable resources are available for direct download after logging into your Tutor LMS account. Upon purchase, all paid resources can be promptly downloaded. Paid products will be accessible for download after payment is received and verified. We facilitate payments through PayPal, Stripe, major credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and others. You must agree with their terms and conditions before paying for any of our products. 

Your purchase details will be sent to your registered email address. To download any product (free or paid), registration at https://tutorlms.com is mandatory. In some cases, Payment issues may trigger manual review, causing delays ranging from 1 to 24 hours based on the current circumstances and investigation complexity after a fraud alert has been activated.

Product Compatibility/Updates

All Tutor LMS plugins are crafted to seamlessly integrate with the latest version of WordPress. They are optimized for the latest modern web browsers, including (but not limited to) Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Presently, we do not extend support for Internet Explorer across our product range.

For paid users, updates are accessible for a specified duration, as detailed in the product description. However, even after the support validity expires, the installed product (Tutor LMS) will remain usable.


We want you to make our products work perfectly for you, While you are free to modify things, here are a few tips to make the process smoother:

  • Check the Documentation First: Our documentation page often has shortcuts and easier ways to achieve what you are after. A quick search might save you some serious time!
  • Contact Us: Before jumping into code, send us a quick email. There might be a simpler way to do what you need.
  • The Best Way to Customize: We recommend using “template overrides” or plugins for your code changes (PHP, JS, CSS). This keeps things organized and avoids issues with updates.

Important Note: If you modify the plugin’s core files directly, we won’t be able to offer support if something goes wrong. We want to help, but major changes can make things difficult for our team.

Unauthorized/Illegal Uses

We retain the right to promptly block your user account if we suspect misuse of the license terms or any misconduct affecting our business.

When you create a Tutor LMS account, you’re accountable for its security and all actions associated with it. Promptly inform the Tutor LMS team of any unauthorized account usage or security breaches.

Product Licensing and Usage

All Tutor LMS WordPress plugins are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) V2 or later.

Age Requirements to Use Our Products

By using our products, you confirm the following:

  • You are at least 18 years of age or have reached the legal age of majority in your place of residence.
  • You possess legal parental or guardian consent if you are a minor.
  • You understand and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in our user agreement.

Our products are not intended for use by children. Individuals under the age of 13 are strictly prohibited from using our products.

Support Policy

Tutor LMS offers a comprehensive Support Policy outlining the assistance available to you and how we provide support. Upon downloading Tutor LMS, you can request support for any encountered issues. We strive to address your support queries effectively and provide solutions via email.

Policy Guidelines

1. Support Language

All support communication will be conducted in English. Please clearly and respectfully communicate your needs to ensure prompt assistance.

2. Support Priority

Customers with valid, paid product subscriptions will receive priority support. Support will continue as long as the subscription remains valid.

3. Support Channels

Tutor LMS offers support through live chat, WordPress.org support forums, and helpful guides/tutorials. While we love connecting with users socially, we don’t provide support through PMs, Facebook, or Twitter. Before reaching out with a support question, please check our documentation, how-to guides, and FAQs, as they may already have answers to common queries.

4. Supported WordPress Versions

WordPress 5.4 or later.

5. What Our Support Covers

  • WordPress compatibility errors stemming from a fresh product installation.
  • Assistance with using our products beyond what is covered in our documentation.
  • Help with installing Tutor LMS plugin(s).
  • Resolution of issues with broken Tutor LMS product functionality.

6. What is Not Covered by Tutor LMS Support

  • Software damage resulting from security attacks.
  • Problems caused by outdated versions of PHP, MySQL, or similar issues.
  • Plugin purchased from sources other than tutorlms.com.
  • Compatibility issues with third-party products.
  • Cases where you can’t provide us access to your website’s URL or its WordPress backend.
  • Errors stemming from customizing the product’s code (PHP and/or JavaScript).
  • Support for Internet Explorer (IE) versions.

7. Definition of Modification Support

We recognize the distinction between support and modification requests. If your modification/customization inquiry requires only a few lines of CSS or JS code, we may provide assistance.  Due to our support team’s current workload, we allocate up to 30 minutes of complimentary CSS customization annually.

For more extensive modifications:

  • Wait for future product updates.
  • You can also post your query on our Facebook groups, and contact recommended companies or developers.


You can access free downloads after signing in. However, for all purchases, there might be a delay for a manual anti-fraud check before we can confirm the payment. You’ll receive a detailed email about this.

We perform this check due to the rise in fraudulent transactions using credit cards not owned by the purchaser. Your account may be suspended for up to 24 hours or longer for further investigations during this anti-fraud review.

Price Changes

Tutor LMS reserves the right, at any time, to modify or discontinue our product (or any part thereof), temporarily or permanently, with or without prior notice.


We offer a customer-friendly 30-day refund policy. However, refunds cannot be claimed for features not included in the purchased plugin. You can try our plugins’ free versions on WordPress.org before making a purchase. For full clarity on specific platform features you may require, you can also discuss them with our support team.


Tutor LMS products are provided “as is,” without expressed or implied warranties. They are guaranteed to function correctly upon proper installation, activation, and option configuration in the latest stable WordPress version dedicated to the plugin. Compatibility with third-party plugins is not guaranteed. We advise checking browser compatibility as we can not assure compatibility with all browser combinations.

Limitation of Liability

We absolve our legal entity from any damages arising from product use or inability to use them, including direct, indirect, or consequential losses.

Image and Font Licensing

We are not licensed to provide stock images or certain true-type fonts (TTF) used in our products. Ownership or purchase of these assets are required. Demo images/videos are solely for demonstration and should not be used on live sites.

Terms and Conditions Modifications

Tutor LMS reserves the right to modify its terms and conditions without prior notice.