Drive success with in-depth sales & performance analysis

Get a robust reporting and analytics tool that provides a wealth of data to help you optimize your learning platform and maximize your revenue. From tracking sale trends to course performance, get all the data you need to make informed decisions

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Make data-driven decisions

Gain transparency into revenue and overall performance

Earning graph

Track total earnings, course enrollments, refunds, and discounts over customizable timeframes.


Comprehensive sales overview

Track revenue generated across all courses with specific details like order ID, course name, student name, purchase date, etc.

Track key metrics

Monitor course completion rates, enrollment trends, instructor performance, and overall platform usage.

Make data-driven decisions

Leverage insights to optimize course content, delivery methods, and marketing strategies for maximum impact.


Trending courses

Identify the most popular and recently enrolled courses to understand student preferences.


New registrations

View recently registered students and instructors with essential details.


Dive deeper with in-depth analytics

Earnings breakdown

Analyze the financial performance and revenue generated by each individual course.

Student data

Explore individual student enrollment history, completion rates, and review patterns.

Instructor performance

Assess instructor effectiveness by monitoring the courses they teach, student enrollment, and average ratings.

Course completion analysis

Analyze completion rates for specific modules, quizzes, and assignments to pinpoint knowledge gaps and refine course structure.

How it works

Effortlessly manage and export data

Centralized review management

View all student reviews in one place for easy analysis of course quality.

Student management

Gain a birds-eye view of all registered students with information like names, emails, registration dates, and the number of courses they are enrolled in.


Detailed course breakdown

See a granular breakdown of each course a student has enrolled in, including lessons completed, quizzes attempted, assignments finished, and progress bars for visual representation.

Effortless data export

Conveniently export your sales and student data as CSV files for further analysis using external tools. This can be done directly from your website's frontend dashboard.


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