Live Classes

Offer blended learning experience through Tutor LMS live classes

Take your teaching to the next level and foster deeper student interaction with live classes. Seamlessly integrate live sessions using familiar platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Jitsi Meet, and more - right from your Tutor LMS course. Embrace a face-to-face teaching experience, virtually!

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Go beyond text lectures with live classes

Real-time interaction

Connect with students directly and facilitate dynamic discussions, questions, and collaborative activities.


Recording & sharing

Record live sessions for students who miss them or want to revisit key points, and easily share recordings within the course platform.


Beyond static content

Create a more engaging learning environment by fostering interactive sessions that go beyond static content.


Flexible delivery options

Choose from various platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or YouTube Live to seamlessly integrate live sessions into your courses.


How it works

Take live classes with no complex setups


Schedule and conduct

Easily schedule and conduct live classes directly within your Tutor LMS platform for a seamless learning experience.


Engage and collaborate

Encourage active participation by conducting live discussions, group activities, interactive polls, and other collaborative activities.


Interactive features

Take advantage of advanced features like screen sharing, whiteboards, and shared documents to deliver engaging and interactive live sessions.


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