Certificate Builder

Design certificates your students deserve

Use pre-built templates or personalize certificates with flair, using a variety of fonts, colors, and other creative elements.

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What’s included

Design certificates as unique as your courses


10+ block widgets to 
use multiple types of elements.


Use Unsplash images or upload your own visual assets.


A wide variety of shapes, illustrations, badges, and stickers.


Pick your colors or choose from presets, patterns, and more.


Pre-built Certificates

Customizable ready certificates

Get a wide variety of certificate templates and customize them easily with your elements and content


Drag & drop builder

Design certificates like
never before

Dynamic certificate 

Serve certificate content like names of your students, courses, and instructors with shortcodes and style them any way you want. Design certificates that carry value to students.


Flexible canvas

You can literally drag and place content anywhere on your canvas without limiting it to a certain area. There’s no row and column. The whole canvas is yours.


Signature, verification ID, and QR code

Use instructor’s signature, certificate verification ID, and QR code to add more value to your certificates.


Ultimate freedom

Personalize your 
certificates with complete creative control

Background elements

Get 20+ pre-designed background illustrations to design your certificates effortlessly.

Collection of illustrations

Boost your certificate visuals with 50+ professionally designed illustrations.

Unsplash integrations

Access a vast library of high-quality Unsplash images right from the certificate builder.


Remaining capabilities

Make your certificates stand out with a world of creative options

1000+ Google Fonts

Choose from 1000+ Google Fonts to give your certificates a unique and professional look.

Rich typography options

Customize your text styles with a variety of options, such as font size, weight, spacing, style, etc.

Layer management tool

Arrange multiple elements within your certificates precisely using the layer manager.

Advanced color picker

Match your certificate design with your brand colors by choosing the exact brand color using our advanced color picker.

Undo/redo functionality

Enjoy the flexibility of undoing and redoing changes made to your certificate design for a smooth and efficient editing process.

Advanced image integration

Integrate images seamlessly with options to adjust size, position, and opacity for optimal visual appeal.


With Tutor LMS you will be able to build your own Udemy-like online course experience for FREE! It’s really an ambitious plugin that has a bright future if they maintain their development.

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