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Docent – WordPress LMS Theme [Sneak Peek]

Docent – WordPress LMS Theme [Sneak Peek]

In this age of Udemy, Lynda, and Coursera, developers in the WordPress community are fond of creating multi-instructor WordPress themes. This leaves people who want to go ahead with their individual teaching platforms to have very few options to choose from. Having that in mind, we’ve come up with a plan to release a Tutor LMS powered WordPress theme completely focused on the individual instructors.

Ever since we released Tutor LMS, we have got plenty of requests from many instructors to develop a single instructor ready theme. While Tutor LMS is capable of creating learning management sites at scale, a theme fully focused on a single instructor would be great for those who are asking for this since the beginning. We are developing Docent- a WordPress LMS theme powered by the Tutor LMS plugin focusing solely on a single instructor. We will show you a sneak peek of Docent here today!

Why Would You Need a Single Instructor Focused Theme?

While Tutor LMS can power eLearning websites at scales, WordPress themes, on the other hand, offer plenty of features and functionalities depending on the number of instructors. A multi instructor ready theme will have many features and functionalities that a single instructor doesn’t need. Most importantly there’s a huge difference between the design of these two types of themes. This is why for an individual instructor, single instructor ready theme is a must choice.

Perfect for Individual Instructors

Docent is going to be an outstanding WordPress theme for anyone who wants you to teach online. Instructors, teachers, coaches, beauticians, guitarists, chefs, or anyone with the intention to kick off their teaching platform online can go for Docent.

Are You an Individual Instructor? Docent is for you!

  • Instructors: Any individual running or want to run online courses can use Docent to make a high-quality eLearning website.
  • Teachers: No matter whether you teach different subjects at schools or colleges, if you have any plan to go online and earn money out of it- build an online learning site with Docent.
  • Beauticians: If you are a beautician and have lots of ideas to teach people online, build a site with Docent & Tutor LMS and create courses with its advanced course builder inside.
  • Guitarists: Music enthusiasts out there are willing to learn how to play guitar, if you are good at it, it’s your best chance to make lessons for them with Docent.
  • Chefs: Have cooking lessons to teach people? Go online with them having your site built with Docent and Tutor LMS.
  • Coaches: If you coach any particular skillset and you want people to learn from you. Make an eLearning site and coach online.

There are people with different skills. We are developing Docent to cover everyone’s needs. No matter the skill you want to teach online all alone, Docent will enable you with all the required functionalities. Just have patience. Docent is on its way.

What does Docent have for Individual Instructors?

Being powered by Tutor LMS plugin, Docent will bring every possible functionality that a single instructor needs for his/her site. From creating courses on an intuitive course builder to set up quizzes with multiple types of questions, you have all in a single place to start teaching online.

Some of the striking Docent Features are:

  • Intuitive drag & drop course builder
  • Lesson creator
  • Advanced quiz creation option
  • Student dashboard
  • Reports and analytics
  • WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads integration
  • Course attachments
  • Student forum
  • And many more

Docent Theme Sneak Peek

You would love the way the Docent theme has been designed for you. Let’s have a glimpse inside Docent before it finally arrives. Here you go!

Docent Home

Docent Course Detail Page

Docent Teacher Portfolio

Docent Teacher Dashboard

Docent Coming Soon Page

You would love the design and functionality of Docent when it finally arrives. Up until Docent is released you can check Edumax and Language School to see the power of Tutor LMS in creating an online course websites.

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