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Sneak Peek: Tutor LMS 3.0 is Packed with Innovative Features!

Sneak Peek: Tutor LMS 3.0 is Packed with Innovative Features!

A few months back we announced that Tutor LMS is about to make some big splashes with the all-new Tutor LMS 3.0. Today let’s take a sneak peek at all the major changes coming with Tutor LMS’s biggest update yet. 

Tutor LMS 3.0 has been cooking in the oven for a while now and it’s about to completely change up the look and feel of your favorite LMS. We are doing a complete design revamp and adding some game-changing features to take your eLearning experience to the next level.  

So get ready to revolutionize your eLearning experience with Tutor LMS 3.0, designed to empower educators and learners alike. 

Let’s dive into a sneak peek features you can look forward to!

Here Is All That’s Coming With Tutor LMS 3.0

Before we get into the details of what’s to come, check out the teaser for the upcoming Tutor LMS 3.0!

The Reimagined Course Builder 

Prepare to explore a completely new approach to creating courses with Tutor LMS 3.0’s redesigned Course Builder! The design will be completely revamped, offering a fresh look and feel that’s both intuitive and visually appealing. 

Your experience creating courses will be completely changed by the faster processes, intuitive interfaces, and improved features that are available. Say goodbye to the WordPress backend panel course creation designs and hello to a smoother, more efficient process!

All-New Native eCommerce Capabilities

Tutor LMS will have its very own built-in eCommerce with support for popular payment gateways. You will be able to sell courses and manage payments right from Tutor LMS without the need for any 3rd party solutions. 

This will also increase the speed of your site tenfold since you will have less third-party plugin dependency!

Built-in Subscription Feature

Tutor LMS 3.0 will also have a native subscription system, once again making your site that much faster with less 3rd party bloat. 

You will be able to create and manage subscription-based pricing for specific courses on your eLearning site right within Tutor LMS. 

Advanced AI Integration

Currently, all eyes are on AI, whether you’re up to date on the tech world or not, you’ve definitely come across AI features being introduced in almost everything. Tutor LMS is following suit as well, evolving it with all new AI enabled features. 

You will be able to create entire courses from generating course titles, descriptions, thumbnails, lessons, and quizzes to filling out all the content in your course and making a complete course structure with simple prompts. Whether you’re an experienced educator or new to e-learning, AI integration will save you time and elevate your course creation process to new heights.

Incredible Droip Integration

Tutor LMS 3.0 will also have a deep integration with our very own incredible No-Code Website Builder; Droip! 

With Droip, you will be able to customize Tutor LMS pages like Course Details, Course Listing, and more, creating a one-stop solution for all your eLearning needs. Drag and drop your way to an incredibly designed website with Droip. 

Abundant New Theme Choices

Instantly available with Tutor LMS 3.0 will be a plethora of brand-new LMS themes to elevate your eLearning site. We are so excited to see how you all use these themes and beautify your eLearning sites. 

Lesson Notes, H5P & More

Among all these incredible big changes to Tutor LMS 3.0, we are also adding Student Notes in lessons. Students will be able to take notes right while watching or attending lessons in the course journey section. 

We are also going to bring H5P compatibility to Tutor LMS 3.0 to make way for more interactive content across the board with Tutor LMS. 

Aside from all these, there are going to be so many other changes coming with Tutor LMS 3.0.

Here’s a quick recap of what you’ll get in Tutor LMS 3.0

  • Reimagined course and quiz builder
  • Native eCommerce & Subscriptions
  • Groundbreaking AI
  • Deep integration with Droip
  • Huge theme collection
  • Lesson notes
  • H5P & lots more!

We know the last few updates of Tutor LMS have mostly been fixes and small new features, and while bug fixing is a way to polish our product, it’s just no fun. But we just wanted to share that BIG things are coming with Tutor LMS 3.0. We are so excited for you all to try it out and witness the greatness in action. So stay tuned to find out more about Tutor LMS and we hope you’re at the edge of your seats for this one! 

Sami Muhammad Gazi
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