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Tutor LMS v1.9.5: Create Multilingual Content With WPML Addon And More

Tutor LMS v1.9.5: Create Multilingual Content With WPML Addon And More

Tutor LMS has played a major part in expanding online education with state-of-the-art features such as Elementor integration, advanced push notification, online meeting capabilities, and more. We are so glad to see our recent features help you take your eLearning courses to a new level. And, we will continue adding more in the future too.

  • New: WPML Compatibility Add-on
  • New: Course retake option 
  • New: Filter options for Quiz attempts
  • Improvement: Membership model for Paid Membership Pro Integration
  • Fix: Attachments for deleted assignments, not deleting from server

Introducing Compatibility with WPML

WPML is a plugin that helps your site become multilingual to grab the attention of a global audience in their native language. 

To get started with the WPML integration, simply enable the WPML Multilingual CMS from the wp-admin → Tutor LMS → WPML Multilingual CMS and enable the Add-on.

enable WPML from  Tutor LMS addons list

After you have enabled the add-on, add the languages you want to translate your site to from the WPML Language settings such as German, Hindi, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

Now you will be able to see a translation option in your course editor page with the new languages you selected from the settings.

Translate a course from Tutor LMS course editor

Once you click on the + button you will create an identical course that will contain the contents from the original course, so you can just replace it with your translated contents. The new course will be automatically mapped with the original language course. Apply the translated course contents in the language that you chose and apply the changes.

Congratulations! Your users will now be able to select a translated version of the course that you’ve translated. Once they are on a course page, the users will be able to switch to a translated version that they are comfortable with from the language menu switcher.

You can also check out the documentation for more information on the WPML integration add-on.

Now Students Can Retake a Course

With the latest Tutor LMS update, we are excited to introduce the course retake feature. If you enable the Course Retake option from the Tutor LMS course settings, your students will now be able to retake a course if they wish to.

Once they complete a course, a “Retake This Course” button will now appear for the students. If they wish to retake a course they might want to, they will be presented with the following options.

They can either choose to reset their previous course completion records and start over. Or if they want to they can keep their previous and again take the course. The choice is up to the student to decide.

Design and Architechture Update for Paid Membership Pro Integration

Some of our customers reported a bug about full website membership not working. When we investigated and matched with our future ideas for membership features on Tutor LMS, we found that the current architecture does not match. So, we went back to the design table and redesigned the entire experience for Paid Memberships Pro.

From this update, you can use any kind of label or text on any of the membership level names. On top of that, we have added a new design to show available membership plans for the courses right on the course home page! Will display the membership level description and you can also add custom text to encourage people.

We have used the Tutor Starter theme in the demonstration above. The text description after “Pick A Plan” can be updated from Tutor LMS → Settings PMPro.

Those using the popular Paid Membership Pro with the Tutor LMS through the integration will now be able to set different membership models in different levels simultaneously. In the

WordPress Administrator Dashboard  → Membership  → Settings  → Membership Level Settings

Scroll down to see the new settings related to Tutor LMS.

Here you will find the following customization options that will make it easy for you to set Membership settings with Tutor LMS courses.

  • Membership model: Select from different membership models for your Tutor LMS site.
    • Full Website Membership: If you want to charge a flat fee for all the courses on your site, you can use this option.
    • Category Wise Membership: If you want to set a different price for different categories of courses, you can use this option.
      • Course Categories: Select the course categories available in your Tutor LMS site that will be under the membership.
  • Add Recommend badge: If you enable this option, it will be selected by default to encourage students to buy it. So, the plan you want to push more and sell more, you can enable the recommended badge for it.

How do I have free courses besides paid courses?

If you are wondering how to offer free courses for your students besides the paid courses, please check the following instructions. Hope it will make it easier to implement your desired course model.

If you have full site membership enabled
If you want to offer some courses for free on your Paid Memberships Pro powered website, you should have a free membership plan and a category for free courses. Then you can bind them together to offer the courses under that category for free. But the course catalog is still going to say that a membership plan is required.

If you only have category-based membership plans enabled; no full site plan

The course categories that are not selected on any membership plan will be displayed as free. People will be able to just log in and enroll in those courses. You can even make courses public to allow everyone to just go through the course contents without logging in or signing up.

Quiz Attempt Filter Options

To make it easier for the instructor we are adding a filter option for the Quiz Attempt section of the Tutor LMS options panel.

  • Courses: Select the courses of which the quizzes will show up.
  • Sort By: Sort the quiz attempts by ascending or descending order.
  • Date: Sort by selecting a specific date.

Get Started Today with Updated Tutor LMS

The update can be enjoyed right now. Both the free and pro version are released. Go to your site dashboard and click on the update now to get all the newly added features.

If you have any questions please comment down below. We will get back to you. Till the next update, take care. Happy LMS building.

Mirza Rizvi Amin
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