Earn & Celebrate, Reward Learning with BadgeOS


The BadgeOS integration with Tutor LMS allows you to gamify your eLearning platform by awarding digital badges and achievements to your students upon completing courses, lessons quizzes, or other learning activities. This feature enhances student engagement and motivation by recognizing their accomplishments and progress.

With BadgeOS, you can create custom achievement types, define achievement requirements, and display earned badges on user profiles. The seamless integration of BadgeOS with Tutor LMS provides a powerful gamification tool to incentivize learning and foster a more interactive and rewarding eLearning experience.


Create custom badges: Design beautiful, personalized badges that reflect your unique brand and learning goals.

Award badges automatically: Set triggers for automatic badge awards based on specific actions or completed activities.

Track learner progress: Gain valuable insights into individual and group progress through detailed badge reports.

Leaderboards & achievement: Encourage healthy competition among learners with leaderboards and achievement displays.

Share achievements: After earning the required points and achievements, learners can display badges on user profiles with the Badgeos “Free Community” Add-on.

Is BadgeOS free?

Yes, you can download BadgeOS from the official WordPress plugins repository for free. 

What types of badges can I create?

BadgeOS offers unlimited flexibility to create badges for any achievement, big or small. Recognize course completion, participation, skill mastery, quiz scores, and much more!

How do learners see their badges?

Learners can view their earned badges in a dedicated badge wallet within the Tutor LMS platform. They can even share their badges on social media for further celebration!

Does BadgeOS affect course content?

No, BadgeOS acts as a complementary layer to your existing content. You can choose which actions trigger badge awards without modifying your courses themselves.

Can I customize the badge awarding process?

Absolutely! BadgeOS allows you to set specific criteria for each badge, ensuring they are awarded meaningfully and align with your learning objectives.

Is BadgeOS easy to use?

Yes! BadgeOS boasts a user-friendly interface, making it simple for administrators to create and manage badges without requiring technical expertise.

Use cases

Boosting course completion: Award a "Persistence Pays Off" badge for completing a challenging module, a "Quiz Master" badge for achieving a perfect score, and a prestigious "Course Conqueror" badge for finishing the entire course.

Encouraging community engagement: Recognize active participation with a "Forum Guru" badge, reward helpful contributions with a "Knowledge Sharer" badge, and celebrate teamwork with a "Collaborative Spirit" badge.