Create Engaging Learning Communities and Enhance Learner Interaction with BuddyBoss!


BuddyBoss is a robust platform designed to build and manage online communities and membership sites on WordPress. It comes with an extensive suite of tools to design eLearning websites. These tools enable users to create interactive and engaging learning environments that foster collaboration and communication among members. From customizable member profiles and activity feeds to discussion forums and private messaging, BuddyBoss provides everything needed to build vibrant online communities.

Its seamless integration with Tutor LMS transforms eLearning by incorporating social learning elements. These elements allow instructors to create an interactive and collaborative educational experience. By combining Tutor LMS with BuddyBoss, instructors can engage learners through community-driven learning to enhance retention and course completion rates.


Customizable instructor profiles: Create detailed member profiles to help learners showcase their achievements, skills, and progress

Activity feeds: Keep your community engaged with real-time updates. It includes posts, comments, etc.

Discussion forums: Facilitate deeper learning through topic-specific forums. There, learners can ask questions, share insights, and collaborate on projects.

Private messaging: Allow learners to connect and communicate privately via private messaging. It fosters peer-to-peer support and collaboration among themselves.

Group creation: Enable learners to form study groups, project teams, or interest-based communities to enhance collaborative learning.

Gamification : Use badges, points, and achievements to motivate learners and recognize their progress and participation.

How do students use the BuddyBoss community?

Students can join the community by enrolling in courses on your eLearning website. Once enrolled, they can join specific communities, and participate in discussions, groups, and events.

Is BuddyBoss free to use?

BuddyBoss is a premium platform. So, you’ll need an active subscription to create and manage communities within your Tutor LMS website.

What kind of community features will I get using BuddyBoss?

BuddyBoss will help you add multiple community features to your eLearning websites. For example, member profiles, activity feeds, discussion forums, private messaging, group creation, event management, gamification, etc.

Use cases

Enhance course engagement: Educators can create interactive learning communities where learners can collaborate, share knowledge, and support each other. It will enhance overall engagement and retention rate.

Support peer-to-peer learning: BuddyBoss facilitates peer-to-peer interactions through forums, groups, and private messaging. It enables students to benefit from diverse collaboration and collective problem-solving.