Host your eLearning course lesson videos on Bunny Stream for bufferless high-speed streaming.


Speed up your website by using Bunny.net Content Delivery Network with Tutor LMS courses. By enabling Bunny CDN on Tutor LMS, instructors can significantly improve their eLearning website speed. It will result in a better ranking on search engines and a smoother learning experience for students. Bunny.net also offers a premium streaming solution named Bunny Stream. Bunny Stream allows instructors to store and deliver lesson videos to students worldwide securely.

Besides features like automatic HTTPS configuration and customizable CDN hostname, Bunny.net simplifies the process of integrating CDN services with Tutor LMS. It allows the instructors to focus on delivering high-quality content without worrying about technical complexities.


Replace static links with CDN links: Accelerate website loading times by automatically replacing static content links with CDN links. It ensures faster course content delivery to students.

Automatic HTTPS configuration: Bunny.net provides a secure learning environment by seamlessly configuring HTTPS for enhanced security and compatibility with modern browsers.

Customizable CDN hostname: Set a custom CDN hostname to personalize content delivery and ensure brand consistency across the Tutor LMS platform.

Can Bunny.net help improve website loading times?

Absolutely, Bunny.net's CDN integration enhances loading times for Tutor LMS websites.

How does Bunny.net integration enhance video streaming for Tutor LMS?

Bunny.net integration enables bufferless high-speed streaming using Bunny Stream. It ensures seamless playback of lesson videos for students worldwide.

Can I customize CDN settings with Bunny.net integration on Tutor LMS?

Bunny.net allows users to customize CDN settings. You will get an option to set a custom CDN hostname and include/exclude specific directories or phrases for optimized content delivery.

Use cases

Video Streaming: Bunny.net ensures a seamless learning experience by delivering high-quality lesson videos to students worldwide without buffering.

Secure Content Delivery: Bunny Stream safeguards your course materials with robust security measures, including hotlink protection, maintaining exclusivity, etc.