Turn Learning into an Adventure, Gamify with GamiPress


Turn learning into a thrilling adventure with GamiPress! This powerful integration seamlessly connects with your Tutor LMS platform, empowering you to transform ordinary learning experiences into captivating quests, exciting challenges, and rewarding adventures.

Motivate your students, boost engagement, and witness their achievements soar as they earn points, unlock badges, and climb leaderboards. GamiPress goes beyond just points and badges, offering a rich gamification experience that fuels student motivation, fosters healthy competition, and ignites their passion for learning.


Unlimited points, badges, and ranks: Create a diverse reward system to recognize different achievements and learning styles.

Automated triggers: Award points and badges automatically based on specific actions, keeping learners motivated.

Engaging challenges and quests: Set up exciting time-bound challenges and quests to drive friendly competition and collaboration.

Leaderboards and progress tracking: Foster healthy competition and encourage personal growth with dynamic leaderboards and detailed progress reports.

Customization options: Tailor the gamification experience to your unique brand and learning goals.

Social sharing: Users can share the achievements and ranks they have earned on any social network of their choice.

Drag and drop controls: Powerful controls to set up your gamification environment in minutes.

Emails: Your users will get notified automatically about new awards.

How does GamiPress integrate with Tutor LMS?

GamiPress connects with Tutor LMS, enabling automatic awarding of points and badges

Will GamiPress disrupt my existing courses?

Absolutely not! GamiPress acts as a complementary layer, adding gamification elements without modifying your course content.

How does GamiPress benefit learners?

GamiPress motivates learners with a sense of accomplishment, recognition, and healthy competition, leading to deeper engagement and better knowledge retention.

Is GamiPress easy to use?

Yes! GamiPress boasts a user-friendly interface, making it simple for administrators to set up and manage the gamification elements without technical expertise.

Can I track the impact of gamification?

GamiPress provides detailed reports on learner activity, points earned, badges awarded, and leaderboard rankings, helping you track the effectiveness of your gamification strategy.

Do I need additional plugins with GamiPress?

The core GamiPress plugin offers everything you need for basic gamification.

Use cases

Boost course completion: Award 10 points for completing a lesson, 20 points for a perfect quiz score, and a coveted "Course Conqueror" badge for finishing the entire course.

Encourage community engagement:  Reward active forum participation with "Discussion Dynamo" points, recognize helpful contributions with "Knowledge Sharer" badges and celebrate teamwork with a "Collaborative Spirit" leaderboard.