Google Classroom


Seamless Learning & Collaboration with Google Classroom Integration


Google Classroom integration with Tutor LMS enhances the online learning experience by seamlessly connecting educators and learners on a unified platform. With this integration, instructors can effortlessly create, distribute, and grade assignments, quizzes, and discussions using Google Classroom's intuitive interface.

Students benefit from streamlined access to course materials, real-time feedback, and collaborative learning opportunities. Moreover, educators can leverage Google Workspace tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to create engaging learning resources directly within Tutor LMS. This integration simplifies course management, fosters communication, and promotes active engagement, ultimately optimizing the teaching and learning process for both instructors and students.


Effortless course & student list import: Easily bring Google Classroom courses and enrolled students into your Tutor LMS with one click.

Synchronized assignments: Create and manage assignments directly in Google Classroom, automatically reflecting within your Tutor LMS courses.

Enhanced communication: Utilize Google Classroom's built-in communication tools for announcements, discussions, and feedback.

Familiar interface: Learners already familiar with Google Classroom can easily navigate and participate in courses within your platform.

Streamlined workflow: Manage both platforms from a single location, maximizing efficiency and reducing administrative tasks.

Do I need a Google Workspace account to use this integration?

Yes, you will need a Google Workspace for Education account to connect your Google Classroom with Tutor LMS.

How does this integration impact existing Tutor LMS courses?

This integration primarily focuses on importing and managing Google Classroom courses within your platform. Existing Tutor LMS courses remain unaffected.

Can I customize the integration settings?

Yes, you can choose which Google Classroom elements to import and synchronize, tailoring the integration to your specific needs.

Does this integration affect learner data privacy?

Both Google Classroom and Tutor LMS adhere to strict data privacy regulations, ensuring learner information is protected.

Is there any technical knowledge required for setup?

The integration process is straightforward and requires minimal technical expertise. Detailed instructions and support resources are available.

Use cases

Blended learning: Offer theoretical lessons in Tutor LMS and conduct practical activities and discussions in Google Classroom, combining the best of both worlds.

Global collaboration: Collaborate with guest instructors from different locations by leveraging Google Classroom's familiar interface and seamless communication tools.