Boost your online courses and engage learners like never before with GrassBlade.


The GrassBlade integration with Tutor LMS represents a significant advancement in Tutor LMS courses. It enables seamless support for Experience API (xAPI / Tin Can), SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and H5P standard content within the Tutor LMS platform. This integration is made possible by integrating the GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin. This companion plugin serves as a bridge between Tutor LMS and various eLearning content authoring tools.

The GrassBlade integration also offers comprehensive reporting functionalities. It allows the instructors to generate detailed reports on learner activities and progress. These reports include insights such as completions, grades, achievements, progress snapshots, and user-specific data. Besides, instructors can also award certificates upon completion of specific xAPI content.


Expand content library: Integrate engaging content from various authoring tools like H5P, Articulate, Adobe Captivate, Lectora, etc.

Advanced tracking: GrassBlade integration supports advanced tracking for audio and videos hosted on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and self-hosted MP4 and MP3 files.

Get deeper insights: The integration with GrassBlade enables instructors to generate detailed reports on learner activities and course progress.

Can I track quiz results from external content?

If the content uses xAPI, you can integrate quiz results into your Tutor LMS reports.

What are the required plugins to integrate GrassBlade with Tutor LMS?

You have to install the Tutor LMS plugin and Experience API for Tutor LMS by GrassBlade plugin. Additionally, you can install the GrassBlade Cloud LRS (Learning Record Store) for advanced tracking and reporting capabilities.

How do I award certificates based on xAPI data?

The ‘Experience API for Tutor LMS by GrassBlade’ plugin offers settings to automatically award certificates upon completion of specific xAPI content.

Use cases

Gamify your courses: You can use interactive quizzes and lessons on your Tutor LMS courses using GrassBlade. These learning materials are comparatively more engaging than traditional eLearning lessons.

Detailed performance report: You can generate detailed reports on learner engagement and performance across different content sources. It includes the gradebook report, achievements report, progress snapshot report, etc.