Jitsi Meet


Take your live class experience to new heights with Tutor LMS.


Integrate Jitsi Meet with Tutor LMS to enhance your virtual classroom experience. Host unlimited webinars and video conferences without time limits. You can also create and embed the webinars anywhere using the built-in Gutenberg block and Elementor widget. It has lots of potential features like customizing meeting titles, mute controls, screen sharing, etc, for effective communication.

Jitsi Meet also offers multisite support and custom domain options to ensure scalability and brand recognition. You can also set recurring meetings and control meeting access. It will allow only the registered students to join and keep your live lessons private. All of these features ensure that you can deliver an engaging and interactive learning experience to your students with Jitsi Meet.


Meeting without time limit: Ensures uninterrupted online classes by offering the flexibility to host webinars without any time restrictions. It allows instructors to conduct live classes without any interruption.

Recurring meetings: Jitsi Meet's recurring meeting feature ensures consistent engagement by setting up meetings with unique IDs. Say goodbye to the hassles of creating meetings for every lesson.

Multiple webinars: You can also run multiple webinars simultaneously using Jitsi Meet. This feature is suitable for online classes with a large number of students.

Video resolution control: Jitsi Meet allows you to start video meetings in your preferred resolution. The resolution could be 720p, 1080p, 1440p, or even more.

Calendar integration: You can also schedule meetings and send invitations to participants on Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc.

Does Jitsi Meet integration with Tutor LMS support screen sharing during live classes?

Yes, Jitsi Meet integration with Tutor LMS enables instructors to share their screens, presentations, or documents for interactive teaching.

Are there participant limitations for Jitsi Meet sessions through Tutor LMS?

Jitsi Meet allows you to create and embed meetings on these platforms with up to 500 participants

Is there a recording feature available for the live classes?

Yes, you can record your Jitsi Meet live classes. It allows the students to access them later for review or reference.

Use cases

Live classes without time limit: You can host live classes without any time restrictions using Jitsi Meet. By using 8*8 hosted domains, you get 2 hours of availability for each meeting, which will automatically renew after the meeting duration.

Interactive virtual classes: Instructors seamlessly conduct live video sessions using Jitsi Meet integrated into Tutor LMS, fostering dynamic engagement and personalized student interactions directly from their course pages.