Gamify your Tutor LMS eLearning courses using myCred


myCred is a popular tool for adding gamification to any platform. Integrating myCred with Tutor LMS allows the admin to distribute myCred points on specific events/hooks like enrolling or completing general/specific courses, lessons, or quizzes. Instructors can also implement personalized reward systems within the Tutor LMS platform using myCred. It empowers instructors to reward students with points, badges, or ranks for their achievements within Tutor LMS.

myCred also offers a robust tracking system to gamify the online courses effectively. There, instructors can track student's achievements and showcase top performers on leaderboards. This technique initiates a healthy competition among the students to secure their position on the leaderboards. It will not only increase student engagement but also improve course completion rates and create a positive learning atmosphere within your course.


Reward points: Instructors can reward students with points or badges upon completing courses or reaching specific milestones within Tutor LMS.

Interactive leaderboard displays: Showcase top-performing students on leaderboards based on their earned points or achievements.

Conditional point awarding: Set specific conditions for awarding points, ensuring they reflect desired behaviors and achievements.

How can I award the students using myCred?

myCred offers three different ways to award the students. These are points, ranks, and badges.

Can anyone redeem their earned points?

myCred offers flexibility in reward redemption. You can allow students to exchange points for course content access, certificate discounts, early enrollment in future courses, or even real-world rewards through connected payment gateways.

Can I display leaderboards to highlight top-performing students within my courses?

You can set up interactive leaderboards to showcase the top earners or achievers based on their accumulated points or accomplishments.

Use cases

Rewarding learning milestones: Instructors can reward students with points or badges upon successfully completing courses or reaching specific milestones within Tutor LMS.

Implementing healthy competition: Awarding rewards or displaying leaderboards will create healthy competition among the students to study harder.