Paid Memberships Pro


Unlock Exclusive Learning & Elevate Your LMS with Paid Memberships Pro


Paid Memberships Pro is a versatile membership plugin designed to seamlessly integrate with Tutor LMS, offering comprehensive membership management solutions for your e-learning platform. With Paid Memberships Pro, you can create customizable membership levels, restrict access to content based on membership status, and handle recurring subscriptions effortlessly.

This integration empowers educators to monetize their courses effectively by offering various membership plans tailored to different learner needs. Whether you're providing exclusive content to premium members or offering tiered access to course materials, Paid Memberships Pro provides the flexibility and control you need to build a thriving online learning community.


Membership levels: Design different membership tiers with varying access levels, pricing options, and exclusive benefits.

Content protection: Restrict access to specific courses, lessons, quizzes, and resources for paying members.

Recurring subscriptions: Set up recurring subscriptions for monthly, yearly, or custom billing cycles.

Drip content: Schedule the release of content over time, keeping members engaged and coming back for more.

Payment gateways: Connect with popular payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal to accept secure payments.

Coupons & discounts: Offer promotions and discounts to attract new members and boost sales.

Community features: Foster engagement with member-only forums, groups, and live chat functionalities.

Detailed reporting: Track member activity, analyze revenue streams, and gain valuable insights into your membership program.

Is Paid Memberships Pro Free?

Paid Membership Pro offers a free version with limited functionalities, but to unlock its full potential for monetization, you'll need a paid license.

How do learners access paid content?

Members automatically gain access to their designated content based on their membership level. They'll see clear labels and instructions within your platform.

What payment methods are supported?

PMP integrates with popular payment gateways, allowing you to offer a variety of secure payment options.

How does this integration benefit my learners?

Members gain access to exclusive content, valuable resources, and a supportive community, enriching their learning experience and motivation.

How does this integration benefit me as a course creator?

PMP empowers you to monetize your expertise, generate recurring revenue, and build a sustainable learning platform that thrives.

Use cases

Specialized skill mastery: Offer basic foundational courses for free, while exclusive in-depth lessons, industry case studies, and personalized coaching are reserved for paid members.

Recurring subscriptions: Set up recurring subscription models to generate consistent revenue from course enrollments.