Build a Vibrant Learning Community with PeepSo & Tutor LMS


The integration of PeepSo with Tutor LMS allows the instructors to build a robust social networking community within their eLearning website. It provides a comprehensive suite of social networking features. The core features are user profiles, activity streams, real-time messaging, etc. Instructors can leverage these features to offer a personalized learning experience, and private lessons, and encourage active participation among students.

Besides, students will also benefit from this dynamic learning environment. They can learn, share ideas, and collaborate effectively with their fellow students. It improves their social community skills along with all of those technical skills. All of these features make PeepSo an ideal choice for instructors to create a dynamic and engaging online learning platform.


Real-time messaging: Students can communicate with each other and instructors using PeepSo's real-time messaging feature. Thus, they will get timely feedback and support to get interactive learning experiences.

Promote social learning: PeepSo’s community promotes social learning through project collaborations, knowledge sharing, and virtual community gatherings.

Personalized groups: Instructors can create personalized groups to organize students by course, topic, or learning preferences.

Can I control group access and permissions?

Yes, you can set group privacy levels and assign different roles to members within your groups.

How does PeepSo enhance student engagement in Tutor LMS courses?

PeepSo fosters student engagement by providing social networking features such as user profiles, activity streams, and real-time messaging, allowing students to interact and collaborate effectively.

Use cases

Community building: Instructors can use PeepSo to create online communities within Tutor LMS. It will improve the collaboration and interaction among the students.

Build student relationships: PeepSo communities create a supportive environment where students feel valued and connected.