Unlock language barriers by translating your eLearning courses into multiple languages.


Weglot can be seamlessly integrated with Tutor LMS to create multilingual courses. It simplifies the process of translating your Tutor LMS courses and content into multiple languages. It enables instructors to expand their reach, cater to international students, and create a more inclusive learning environment.

Tutor LMS users can translate their courses, lesson content, and site interface into various languages using Weglot. Weglot automatically detects and translates texts of your eLearning courses. You can also manually edit translations to ensure accuracy. Additionally, Weglot also offers features like SEO optimization for translated content, language switcher customization, support for RTL languages, etc.


Automated translation: Weglot automatically detects texts and translates your entire course content, including descriptions, quizzes, and lessons, into various languages.

Customizable language switcher: Weglot adds a language switcher to your website. Instructors can customize the switcher to seamlessly integrate with their Tutor LMS website's design and branding.

Multilingual SEO: Weglot translates the strings by maintaining SEO friendliness. It ensures users will find your website in organic search results even if they search using their local language.

Boost translations with AI: You can get AI-generated translation suggestions by using Weglot’s AI Translation. It will refine and perfect your translations like an expert.

What languages are available on Weglot?

Weglot supports around 150+ languages. You can translate your course text into any language you want.

Does Weglot translate all course elements?

Yes, Weglot automatically translates your eLearning website text content. It includes website texts, course descriptions, quizzes, lessons, and even custom fields. But you can always refine them manually.

Does Weglot affect the SEO of my course?

Weglot boosts SEO. Your courses will rank higher on search engines because of those optimized strings translated by Weglot.

Use cases

Reach global learners: Weglot automatically translates all course content, including descriptions, quizzes, and lessons, into various languages. It helps the global learners to understand your course content.

Build a diverse community: You can empower learners worldwide by making your course multilingual. It ensures a diverse and enriching learning environment for every student.