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Tutor LMS v2.7.0: New APIs, WordPress 6.5 Compatibility, Security Enhancement, & More

Tutor LMS v2.7.0: New APIs, WordPress 6.5 Compatibility, Security Enhancement, & More

Hello there! A warm welcome to the latest update of your favorite WordPress LMS plugin. Introducing Tutor LMS v2.7.0, the better, smoother, and most secure version of Tutor LMS!

Tutor LMS v2.7.0 is equipped with lots of new APIs, compatibility with WordPress 6.5, security enhancement, SEO optimization, translation improvement, and lots more.

Lets explore everything Tutor LMS v2.7.0 has to offer!

Changelog of Tutor LMS v2.7.0

Let’s take a look at all the changes coming up in this update in the changelog below:

  • New: Introduced API for accessing course content
  • New: Added API for student dashboard functionality (Pro)
  • New: Implemented API for student calendar event list (Pro)
  • New: Added API for accessing the students’ enrolled courses (Pro)
  • New: Introduced API for retrieving quiz attempt lists (Pro)
  • New: Added API for accessing enrolled student lists on a course (Pro)
  • New: Implemented API for accepting instructor registration applications (Pro)
  • New: Added API for viewing student order history (Pro)
  • New: Introduced APIs for profile management (Pro)
  • New: Implemented APIs for Q&A management (Pro)
  • Update: Compatibility with WordPress 6.5
  • Update: Implemented various enhancements to improve the overall user experience
  • Fix: Fixed the duplicate H1 tags issue on every single page
  • Fix: Resolved various translation-related issues
  • Fix: Enhanced security by solving a few vulnerabilities

A Quick Look at Powerful APIs of Tutor LMS v2.7.0

We’re excited to introduce a suite of powerful APIs in Tutor LMS v2.7.0. Let’s take a closer look at each of these APIs:

  1. Accessing course content: This API empowers educators to access and manage course content seamlessly. 
  2. Student dashboard functionality: Access students dashboard information using this API.
  3. Student calendar event list: Keep your students organized and informed about their upcoming live classes or assignments using this API.
  4. Accessing enrolled courses: Use this API to access the students’ enrolled courses. 
  5. Retrieving quiz attempt lists: Track student performance and engagement by retrieving detailed lists of quiz attempts using this API.
  6. Accessing enrolled student lists on a course: Access and display the lists of enrolled students of a specific course using this API.
  7. Accepting instructor registration applications: Accept the instructor’s registration applications through this API.
  8. Viewing student order history: View the student’s order history using this API.
  9. Profile management: Empower your users by offering the full flexibility to customize their profiles and manage their personal information using this profile management API.
  10. Q&A management: The Q&A management API enables you to create, update, delete, or retrieve the list of all questions and answers.

Overall, Tutor LMS revolutionizes the way educators and learners interact from the core level. Check our Tutor LMS REST API documentation to get the full list of available APIs. 

Tutor LMS WordPress 6.5 Compatibility

WordPress 6.5, “Regina” is the first major version of WordPress released in 2024. It comes with lots of new features like Font Library, Interactivity API, Block Bindings API, Block metadata viewScriptModule field, and lots more.

Besides those new features, it also has performance improvements like:

  • 41.4% reduction in memory consumption for translations
  • 23.5% improvement in overall loading time
  • 60% less time in pattern loading
  • 5x faster typing processing
  • 2x faster editor loading, etc.

All of these performance improvements are exclusively available on WordPress 6.5 Regina. By updating to Tutor LMS 2.7.0 and WordPress 6.5, you can seamlessly leverage these functionalities to ensure a superior and optimized eLearning environment. 

Update Now

And thats a wrap! The 2.7.0 update should be rolling out as you are reading this post. This update introduces lots of new APIs, WordPress 6.5 compatibility, SEO enhancements, security improvements, etc. These empower both instructors and students to create a more engaging eLearning environment.

So, update now and experience the power of Tutor LMS v2.7.0 and WordPress 6.5 for a faster, smoother, and more feature-rich eLearning platform!

Saiful Islam
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