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Course Creation

Unlimited course creation

Create unlimited courses that perfectly match your expertise and meet student requirements.

Advanced lessons & quizzes

Create a variety of lessons and quizzes to teach and assess the student's knowledge

Bundle course creation

Strategically combine existing courses to enhance the learning experience and offer bundle discounts.

Content drip

Schedule and release your course content gradually to ensure student's learning progression.

Live classes

Interact with your students in real-time, answer their queries, and offer personalized guidance.

Multilingual Support

Enhance course accessibility by providing your content in multiple languages.

Student Engagement

Award stunning certificates

Motivate and recognize student achievements by awarding uniquely designed certificates using the certificate builder.

Multimedia content support

Build courses from scratch by using all types of multimedia files like videos, PDFs, texts, etc. 

Automated enrollment

Simplify student onboarding by automatically enrolling students and reducing administrative burdens.

Advanced user roles

Define user permissions for instructors, admins, and students to ensure organized learning.

Email notification

Keep students and instructors informed with automated emails for announcements, assignments, etc.


Gamify your eLearning courses by offering reward points, badges, leaderboards, etc.

Analytics & Reports

Automated student results

Get instant insights into student performance via automated result generation.

Custom grading scale

Customize your grading scale to precisely match your specific assessment criteria.

Export analytics data

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Earning graph

Visualize instructor earnings, refunds, discounts, etc, for clear course performance analysis.

Sales report

Preview the revenue generated from course sales and student subscriptions.

Security & Authentication

Two-factor authentication

Shield your website with an extra layer of security with two-factor authentication for user logins.

Fraud protection

Safeguard your LMS with advanced fraud protection measures like honeypot, Google reCAPTCHA, etc.

Manage active login sessions

Prevent unauthorized access to user accounts by controlling the active login sessions.

Social login functionality

Enable quick signup with login and registration by using social media accounts.

Email verification

Guarantee legitimate user accounts with a simple email verification process upon registration.

REST API support

Unlock powerful integration capabilities with external tools and applications using REST APIs.


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